Franciscan Youth

What is the Franciscan Youth?

(Youth – Ages 14 to 17~Young Adults – Ages 18 to 26)


The Franciscan Youth/Young Adults (FYYA) are formed by those

young people who feel called by the Holy Spirit to deepen their own vocation,

to share the experience of the Christian life in fraternity in the light of the

message of St. Francis of Assisi, and deepen their own vocation within the

context of the Secular Franciscan Order. The FYYA has a specific

organization, methods of formation and teaching methods adequate for the

needs of the world of youth according to the existing realities in the various countries.



The FYYA deepen their personal vocation in the light of the message of

Saint Francis by an itinerary of progressive formation. The whole itinerary will be

focusing on vocational discernment. This vocational journey will normally consist

of the following periods:

(1) Initiation – This is a period of seeking, which ends with the decision to begin the period of formation for the pledge in the FYYA. The length of this period depends on the

personal situation of each candidate and on the FYYA fraternity, usually between

three to six months. The age may vary, but the minimum age to enter the

Franciscan Youth is 14, and the minimum age to enter the Franciscan Young

Adults is 18. (The Celebration of Initiation is celebrated prior to the beginning of the

next period of formation.)

(2) Formation for the promise in the FYYA – This is a period of

formation and full integration of the candidates into the life of the fraternity. At

the end of this period, they confirm this option with a personal promise before

God and in the presence of the professed brothers and sisters, most appropriately during a Eucharistic Celebration. The minimum length of this period is one year. It

belongs to the local Council of the FYYA to admit the candidates to the pledge.

(The Pledge, also known as the “Feast of Yesis celebrated at the conclusion of this


(3) Deepening one’s vocation – This is a period of verification of the

vocation, in which the young person grasps and deepens the values composing

Franciscan spirituality and its mission in the Church and in society. This period

comes to a conclusion at the age of 26.

(4) Passing over to the OFS – The members of the FYYA who wish to make profession in the OFS shall satisfy the requirements of the Rule, the Constitutions and the Ritual of the OFS (Const. 96, 4.) The vocational journey of the FYYA may lead to the OFS.

[For more info, go to: and Also, Bishop permission may be required to establish a Franciscan youth ministry.  Checking with one’s diocese is recommended.]